• Presenting the customized system control and data acquisition solution
  • Centralized (lan) or independent computer- supported communication, for Toho – Japan make (TTM 000 srs., TTM 300 srs.) Temperature and process controllers via advanced serial or Ethernet- based systems.
  • More than 25 satisfied installation threw out the India (south and western India’s private corporates )
  • Automobile- ancillary, pharma, plastics, pipes, tire and tube, al. Wire drawing, man- made fiber, medical cold storage, etc (ethylene trioxide sterilization chambers), etc…..
  • Complete shop & shift management, operator level and supervisor security management. Machine wise/batch wise analysis.
  • Alarm on sms or email.
  • Web server possible, one can view the total plant from anywhere in the world.
  • User’s friendly interface and effective data management. Date and time stamped, history and other useful data for future reference and analysis.
  • Various customized report formats (like graphical, circular or strip charts, log reports)
  • Semi- automation control using TTM 000 sr’s. Alarm, di, timer and many more control parameters (strictly as per the model and application’s)

“Mifa Systems now represents Internationally reputed Process Control majors like:”

  • Toho Electronics, Japan
  • Keba AG, Austria
  • Yaskawa Electric
  • Rkc Instrument Inc., Japan
  • Mb Connectline GmbH, Germany
  • Wedgewood Analytical Inc., USA
  • Metrohm India
  • Gems Sensors & Controls, USA & UK.