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alpha pH 200 pH/ORP Controller / Transmitter

The alpha 200 pH controller / transmitter uses advanced microprocessor technology and is an ideal choice for industrial process monitoring and control applications.

  • pH / ORP Controller The álpha pH 200 controller is both a pH and an ORP controller – simply configure the controller via the keypad as needed
  • Bright LED New 14 segment alphanumeric 4-digit LED display is bright, clear and easy to read, even at a distance. Either pH or Temperature measurements can be viewed
  • Fine Resolution of Readings 4-digit LED allows 0.01 pH resolution and 1 mV for ORP
  • Menu-driven Setup 6 submenus accessible via the 4-button keypad, allows customization of operating parameters
  • Push-button Auto-calibration Single push-button activates calibration sequence. Buffer recognition feature quickens calibration process. Unique ‘HOLD’ feature freezes relay activity during calibration setup
  • USA / NIST Buffer Options Both buffer sets are available in the same controller. Simply select the appropriate buffer in the calibration mode
  • Integral electrode holder
  • Dual Setpoints with Independent Hysteresis for Limit Control Two Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relays are provided for limit control operations. Peripheral devices are protected by the ‘Hysteresis’ function which prevents relay-chattering
  • Symmetrical Mode of Operation Eliminates fluctuating pH/ORP readings as a result of electrical noise in the application tank. Used in conjunction with the Potential Matching Pin (PMP) in the electrode, readings are stabilized
  • Password Protection Unauthorized and accidental tampering of configuration and calibration data is prevented by password access
  • Temperature Compensation pH readings can be automatically compensated for temperature fluctuations when Pt 100 sensor is attached. 3-wire system compensates for cable resistance. Manual temperature compensation is possible with separate inputs for Calibration and Process temperatures
  • 4-20 mA, Galvanically Isolated Output pH mode : 0.00 pH – 4 mA & 14.00 pH – 20 mA ORP mode : -999 mV – 4 mA & 1000 mV – 20 mA
  • Switch Mode Power Supply 85 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz or DC variable input allows controller to be used with wide supply voltages that might be available
  • Panel Installation Designed to 1/8 DIN size, installation is easy with the supplied accessories. Detachable plug-in connectors offer quick and easy attachment or removal of wires from controller

Ordering Information

Product Description Order Code
alpha pH 200 pH/ORP Controller/Transmitter ECPHCTP0200
pH Combination Electrode with Pt 100 RTD and PMP EC-100GTSO-05B
pH Combination Electrode with HF resistant glass (w/o ATC & PMP) EC-ARTSOHF-05B
pH Combination Electrode with PMP (w/o ATC) EC-ARGTSO-05B
pH Combination Electrode with high temperature (110 °C) and high pressure resistance (9 bar) (w/o ATC & PMP) EC-ARHTTSO-05B
pH Combination Electrode (w/o ATC & PMP) EC-ARTSO-05B
Submersible pH Combination Electrode (w/o ATC 2 PMP) ECDA93506-05B
ORP Gold Electrode EC-HTAUTSO-05B
ORP Platinum Electrode EC-HTPTTSO-05B

Electrodes are supplied with 5m cable length



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